DC Adaptor / LAPTOP REPAIR.....$159.00 (Flat Rate)

DC Adaptor / LAPTOP REPAIR $159.00 (Flat Rate) Includes: Laptop DC Adapter repair of most brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, Gateway, Toshiba, and more. *Parts priced separately.

ONSITE SERVICE....$125.00/hr. (Labor)

ONSITE SERVICE $125.00/hr. (Labor) Includes: Computer repair; reloading operating system; replacement of computer parts; and network, wireless or internet connection setup. *Software & parts priced separately.

DATA RECOVERY SERVICE.....Starting at $130.00

DATA RECOVERY SERVICE Starting at $130.00 Includes: Data recovery from a bad hard drive or deletion of partition or files. (Up to 10 GB)

VIRUS & MALWARE REMOVAL.....$150.00 flat rate

VIRUS & MALWARE REMOVAL $150 flat rate Includes: Complete PC or Laptop cleaning; virus, adware, spyware, and spam removal; setup, startup, and virtual memory *Software priced separately.

RELOAD WINDOWS XP.....$130.00 (Flat Rate)

RELOAD WINDOWS XP $130.00 (Flat Rate) Includes: Includes reloading Windows XP-Home, XP Professional, and setting up drivers. (Desktop only) *Labor only--operating system priced separately.