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Network Specialists & Experts in IT Support

We are a local computer business with vast experience in network engineering. We specialize in setup, maintenance and support of small networks with up to 25 users. We have extensive experience on MS Server 2000, MS Server 2003 and MS Server 2008 operating systems; windows-based work-stations (Windows 7, XP-Professional, Vista) and laptops; network printers; Internet access; and network security (i.e. firewalls, routers, switches, virus and anti-spam protection, backup systems and remote access). We maintain and help support custom software and networks for numerous local dental offices, medical offices, and law firms. We also offer in-depth experience on HIPPA security systems. In addition, we are able to fix hardware or software issues that can affect your server, workstation or laptop (any brand).

How safe is your NETWORK?

How many days can you afford for your network to be down?
Maybe a better question is: How many HOURS can you afford?

Network security is of the utmost importance, and you should feel comfortable with what you have in place at all times. We keep you protected by using top-of-the-line virus and malware protection software, and we specialize in firewall protection. In addition, we specialize in being HIPPA compliant for medical & dental offices.

How safe is your DATA?

If your server were to crash today, how confident are you that you would be able to recover 100% of your data? At ONSITE FOX, we establish and maintain dual backup systems to virtually eliminate the risk of data loss. If you've already experienced some data loss, we are also data recovery experts.

How safe is your HARDWARE?

With basic preventative maintainance and routine hardware testing, we can extend the life of your hardware, saving you money and headaches. 

How much are you currently
paying for diagnostic service?

At ONSITE FOX, we believe anything is too much! We off FREE diagnostic service and FREE estimates. Competitive pricing matters more than ever these days, and we are very competitive in our industry.

We respect you & your time

Our company understands that you value your time as well as the level of trust you have in your IT administrator. We make every effort to demonstrate that we value these vital benefits also.

We respect your TIME by:  Exhibiting prompt response time. Offering diagnostic expertise and a proven performance record, including accurate evaluations and fast solution implementation. When you need something, you need it ASAP. We are just a phone call or email away. We take a quick response time seriously. When you need 911 help with your network, you need it ASAP, and we are there for you.

We respect your TRUST by:  Holding ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and integrity in the way we conduct business. We value a strong work ethic and believe in doing a job right the first time. Keeping open lines of communication with our clients. Being multi-lingual is another added benefit to our level of communication. Valuing our relationships and guaranteeing our work. We will be happy to provide a client referral list upon request.


Please call us today, and we will be happy to set up an appointment for
a FREE NETWORK EVALUATION at your office at your convenience.



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